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Tackle the Sunny Summer with Chilling Drinks at W.O.L

I might be unaware of your choices, but when it comes to summer, the scorching heat cannot be tackled without a glass of chilled drink. Well, if similar is your case, then Wife On Leave is the perfect place for you to come with your wife and have a chillax atmosphere with amazing drinks.

The Following are some of the amazing drinks served at our restaurant. Also, mind you these have tend to be our best sellers too!

Ice Tea:

Red Bull:

Fresh Juice:

Enjoy Chinese “Zara Hat-Ke” at W.O.L

There is nothing to be surprised if you say that Chinese cuisine is most loved, especially in India. Does it exist only in China? No, you will get the best Italian food restaurants here at WifeOnLeave. Not just your regime – noodles and varieties of noodles, Manchurians and others but Quesaddila, and  and many more mouth watering dishes are just around you. You just have to look up to the right place to have it.

Following are the dishes we at WifeOnLeave Serve you:

Cajun spiced shredded chicken and cheese:

3 Pepper and Jalapenos:

Veg Loaded with Salsa:

Note: The pictures might not represent the original dish, however, the name of the dishes are very well available in the restaurant.)