Romance with Speciality Cuisine : Come And Divulge In Indian Cuisine At W.O.L

Million dollar diamonds? I am sure all the dear husbands reading this out just got a recap of the last fight they got into with their wife. Didn’t you?

Ah, did I just press your aching nerve? Well, the time is terrible and frustrating when she really gets mad. And we know not everyone every time afford million dollar diamonds to make up to his wife. Then what?

What if i tell you I have got a secret that won’t cost you millions and will also instantly get you a million dollar smile from your better half! Want to unlock the secret?

Without creating any mystery, let me disclose you of a secret place where the ambiance is scintillating, environment is energetic, and food; well, food is truly sumptuous and gastronomic! It’s the Wife On Leave restaurant.

At W.O.L you can take your wife and pamper her to the moon and back, as she is served with lip smacking dishes under the semblance that will give her heart beat an enchantment and her senses ecstasy. Don’t believe me?

There would have been a zillion restaurants that you might have visited along with your wife. But I bet, you have never had the opportunity to take your wife to a place where she can feel her own. W.O.L does not serve you with ritzy and dainty delicacies, it brings at your dinner table a tantalizing panorama of fragrant cuisine.

Foodies are always ready to try out new and variety of dishes to satisfy their taste buds. Food somehow becomes a sacred thing for all the foodies out there. Also, the best part about a foodie is that he or she loves to try out making new dishes. We, at W.O.L believe, that blessed are those husband and boyfriend who has a wife or a girlfriend, who loves to cook delicious dishes.

We Indians can never get off with spicy and mouthwatering Indian cuisine. So, if you too have taste buds that love to divulge in Indian foods, its rich spices and delectable taste, then friends you have landed on the right page. Indian foods are known for its amazing taste, mouth-watering recipes, and the uncommon cooking styles.

Our W.O.L menu will savor your taste buds by providing you dishes like Hyderabadi Keema Matar, braised Butter Chicken,, and Kadhai Chicken. Indeed a menu that has a variety of non-vegetarian dishes ranging from Egg curry to Mughlai Afghani.

Want to try something in Vegetarian? Don’t worry we are here at your service. Our vegetarian main course serves you with exquisite curries like Punjabi Butter Paneer, Paneer Lababdar, and Kaju Curry.

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