For That Extra Effort: Brunch With Wifey at W.O.L

Breakfast and Dinner with the wife is a regular routine that is followed in almost every house. The most when a husband and wife gets bored of the homemade food, they love to stuff themselves at the restaurant for dinner. Guess what the best part is? They call it a dinner date! And of course we Indians are so typically influenced by the western culture, how can we forget to give dinner dates a fancier name? We have not, it is called the candlelight dinner! Isn’t that romantic?

Cut the crap! Ask a woman that it just sounds romantic since the either of them has spiced it up so much. Giving your wife time at the dinner may make you feel that you have spent ample time with your wife and give her the special treatment she requires. But hey! The fact is you have to return from your office to your home at night you are not giving the auspicious time to her. Sorry for sounding realistic, but we at W.O.L believes, if you really want to spend quality time with your wife, make her feel your love, sparkle her life with your gestures, take her out for a brunch!

Sounds weird? Just imagine, you decide one day to spend quality time with your better half and talk a half day from your work without she is aware. All of a sudden in the morning you tell her about your leave and you taking her out for lunch! Her face would glitter with a smile on her face. It is all about taking that extra step forward.

Since you sound ready for the brunch date, we at W.O.L will leave no stone unturned when it comes to serving you with the best of our menu. Have a look at the delicious brunch menu we offer:

  1. Starters: Bring her to W.O.L. and start your brunch by placing an order from our starters. We present with an amazing range of starters that will melt into your taste buds. Stuffed with both veg and non-veg starters range, we offer you the chili snag cheese, Chalo Naacho, and Main Cheese badi hoon mast- the names would have already made you dance to their tunes. Moving on to the range of non-veg, we have Macchi to fassi, and chicken pops.
  2.  Junk Food: What? Did you think after marriage you are not allowed to have burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas on dates? Why? Did you just go on a time travel in those seven pheras? Well, NO! Then how can you not have an amazing brunch date and making some fun memories on your brunch date?
  3. Italian Punch: Penne and Spaghetti, food and spicy Arrabiata, and baked MNC are the most popular eatery on the brunch date. So what pasta lover your wife is, is it the white sauce paste or red sauce? Discover it on her date at W.O.L.
  4. Chinese: When out of choice and confused, you can choose the evergreen Noodles and fried rice with Manchurian! This won’t just spice up your date but fill your stomach too.

So, what are you thinking of? Just take some special time out of your busy schedule for your dear wife and make her feel special!


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