First Date? Make your way to Wife on Leave for Coffee Date

Coffee dates are the best way to know the person you’re dating and are an ideal first date idea. Sipping a hot cup of coffee on the chilled evening of winters with the one you secretly crush gives a butterfly in the stomach and also they are a great way to know more about the person (things they are hiding from you) with the coffee order and preference the make. Well, if it’s really your first date then there could nothing be better than a coffee date at Wife On Leave, a place where you can sit relaxed and gulp a hot cup of brewed coffee while talking about likes, dislikes, and their music taste too because music tells a lot about the person.

First dates aren’t about romance if the person is new. But, if you relive your first date at a new place with the old person, romance will be in the air. Well “50 first dates” can be done in a real life with the one you got hitched with, the one who craves for your attention and your time. They might not say you but a woman in your life; be it a wife or a long-term girlfriend they want to relive the moments you guys had in the starting phase of your relationship.

At Wife On Leave, they know what a wife or a girlfriend demands from their Mr. Imperfectly Perfect. So, they had made a special coffee and beverage range which will surely be loved by your lady love.

Whether she loves a decorated coffee like Cappuccino or latte, making her sip something different will be appreciated by her. At WOL they have different coffee versions like Frappe, Affogato, brownie café, Espresso Italiano, Mozart, and more. The taste and the aroma you’ll get here at this coffee point cannot be found at any other food place in Varanasi. Not just coffee, side snacks like sandwiches, burgers, quesadilla, pasta, and WOL special are loved by everyone who visited this place with their better-half to rejuvenate their relationship and love.

You might be thinking what to try from the WOL menu? Making your task easy, I am telling you the dishes you must try at WOL. Starting with hot beverages, then one shouldn’t miss brownie café; frappe blended with brownie and topped with smooth cream. Well with sweetness, it gets necessary to have something spicy to balance the level, so opt for grilled chicken and mushroom Panini with Juicy Lucy Burger. This will make a perfect combination for another first date with the same old lady whom you adore passionately.