Varanasi’s Five Vibrant Places for Woman Victual

As per the popular belief, when you are in Varanasi, you are in the oldest city in the world. We do not know exactly when Rome was built, but we do know for sure that Varanasi is as old as Indian civilization. However, today’s Varanasi is the way too different that what was depicted in the history books and in ancient poetries.

Today, Varanasi is probably the only cosmopolitan city in Uttar Pradesh where you will find people leaving from all parts of India. Nah, that is not all, you will see many foreigners spending their life in Banaras to discover themselves.

Well, none of us actually sure if we will find the delight in the self or not, but people in Varanasi knows that real life has its own delight in Varanasi’s rapidly changing face. It is only because of transforming lifestyle, women in Varanasi are breathing easy air – a parameter of healthy society. So, we decided to roam around the city figuring out places – especially that offers ladies of the city an opportunity to be themselves and enjoy – with their unique identity, which makes Varanasi what it is in present time.

Let’s find out where you can find your lady luck if she is not at home and what she might be shopping.

Diamonds: The saying goes right, “Diamond is every woman’s best friend”. If the women living in Varanasi wants to buy some solitaires for herself, where in Varanasi will you go? Definitely, Varanasi have a number of jewelers and showrooms to shop the valuable diamonds from. However, the city is full of diamond jewelers to fetch a one stop destination is Rathyatra Sigra Marg. We are sure you too would like to choose Sigra over Mahmoorganj or any other market!

Clothes: Be it a festival, a pooja, her birthday, her anniversary or her kitty parties! A woman is never satisfied with her clothes collection. She often finds her wardrobe to be filled either with nothing or with old clothes (despite the fact, she might have shopped a week ago!) Well, we do not say this is wrong, why not fill colors in life with new and trendy clothes! Now when in Varanasi, people might love to shop from branded showrooms and sophisticated places, but street shopping is a delight for any woman. Isn’t it? And Nai Sarak in Varanasi fulfills that desire of bargaining to buying trendy clothes at affordable prices.

Pooja Products: Varanasi is the holiest city of India. Tourists are more keen on marking a visit to the ghats and temples. A city that is blessed with holiness and sanity, where will you find the products that you require for pooja at your home? Do you have a one stop destination for that? Yes, you guessed it right, Vishwanath Gali is one such place where you will get all that you require for pooja. From red chunari to Lord statues Vishwanath Gali is a place that fetches you holy products instantly.

Home Decor: A woman loves to keep her house neat, clean and decorated. Either she is a working woman or a housewife, when it comes to renovating her house and keeping things at ease home decor is her favorite subject. Don’t you agree ladies? We are sure you do! With festivals around and new occasions coming up, in Varanasi, Gaduliya is one place that gets you all your requirements, ranging from curtains to bedsheets to sofa covers and mats!

WifeOnLeave Restaurant:

Nothing comes to aid as much as food when it comes to survival, neither, diamond nor clothes or decoration. On top of everything else, if the food has taste of life and aroma of the nature, you can find the heaven on the earth.

Varanasi has changed in last three years, you would agree. Not just infrastructure, but lifestyle has witnessed immense improvement and bridge between Sigra and Dome khana has been built. As a result, people in Banaras can enjoy the international delight in their own city. Yes, WifeOnLeave is the most sophisticated addition to Varanasi’s reputation as a global city.

The obvious choice of foreign citizens, WifeOnLeave – Varanasi’s own concept restaurant – brings delectable dishes from around the world at a price that make you savor the food twice. WifeOnLeave celebrates the womanhood and offers an opportunity to every husband, boyfriend, fiance, and partner to treat their lady luck with a special treatment to make her realize your world being empty without her.

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