Go on a Food Date with Foodie inside Her : Destination WifeOnLeave

A selfless love and strong bond between food and taste buds cannot be defined; foodies will agree with me. And here we definitely are not asking you to dump your current relationships for this selfless pleasure that food provides. Wife On Leave brings you an authentic cuisine and flavors to be served on your plate. You have taken her to n number of restaurants but WOL is a place where she can feel her own. With an ambiance dedicated to their daily life, we have just one motto, to become a women’s favorite adda.

Lucky souls, who got an excellent chef as a wife or a girlfriend, but have you ever thought what if they are a foodie too and love to binge on, eat a variety of food every now and then, just like you. But what she gets is to cook herself and for you. Don’t you think sometimes she also needs a break from the kitchen and enjoys what she loves, eating lip-smacking cuisine? Yes? Then bring her on a food date at W.O.L where she’ll fell in love with you and food all over again.

At W.O.L you can take her to pamper while you’re serving yourself with some afghani chicken or rogani mutton boti. The menu of W.O.L offers you the chance to taste some of the best seekh kebabs, chicken, salad, soups, and everything that you or she might crave for later.

Handi chicken, one of the tastiest chicken dish which is served at W.O.L. Eat with naan, rumali roti, or any other Indian bread, this will satiate your food cravings. Believe me or not, while writing about it I am getting food temptation, I don’t know what will happen to you when hot handi chicken which made up with an excellent blend of Indian spices, cream, and onion gravy. Oh! I can feel you here.

Malai Kofta fried ginger cottage cheese balls wrapped in a rich gravy made of cream and tomato. Ah! there I caught you tempting again. Malai kofta is the love of veggies and even one cannot resist this dish if this veg dish is kept in front of eyes.

Akhri Pasta is the rasta. We love pasta, no doubt. And at W.O.L, penne and spaghetti with garlic and parsley toast will surely be a rescue to your hunger. Don’t miss out this Italian food which is served with some turn and twist.

Greek Salad, a salad filled with nutrition, have an overdose of veggies with some feta cheese and lemon mustard dressing. This can definitely be a perfect pick for her (if she’s trying to manage her fitness).

Food is simply a secret behind many smiles. And we love to spread a smile on everyone’s lips with tantalizing delicacies. From snacks to the main course, veg to non-veg platter, Indian to Italian cuisine, you’ll find everything here.

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