Come To W.O.L and Dive Into Continental Cuisine!

I have always felt that the best part of travelling is to discover new places and FOOD! You might have heard that food speaks for itself and no words, so do I agree with it that no words can perfectly define how delicious or tempting the food is. However, there are so many places in this world that are known by their food, there is a particular food that will pop up in your mind while a country will be named.

But you know what? Indonesia is a country where you won’t get just one variety or type of dish but a trail of cuisines. Indonesia is known for its colorful, vivid and vibrant dishes full of diverse aroma and essence. You’ll find the famous Cantonese cuisine and the Javanese cuisine with the hint of China. Yes you got me right! The food of Indonesia is diverse! But can you get that in India? Or even at Varanasi?

Yes, WifeOnLeave Serves you with the best of cuisines in India. Take a look!

Tangra Style Chilli Paneer

Super Hot Szechwan Paneer

Chilly garlic crispy mushroom

Pataya style honey chilli potato

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